Kristen Regenauer, BA
Clinical Psychology PhD Student

Kristen Regenauer is a doctoral student in the University of Maryland Clinical Psychology program. Her current research interests focus on adapting behavioral interventions for stigmatized populations (e.g., people who use substances, people living with HIV) in resource-limited settings. Previously, Kristen worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Behavioral Medicine Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/ Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. At MGH, she began working for Dr. Magidson on Project Khanya, and continued to work on this project from Boston upon Dr. Magidson’s move from MGH/Harvard to Maryland. In this position, she also worked on behavioral studies around HIV prevention and care in India and Zimbabwe, and served as a research assistant for the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research Biobehavioral and Community Core.


Middlebury College
BA Psychology, Minor in Philosophy